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How to Check Spare Parts at Qld Scrap Car Yards Before Buying?

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March 6, 2019


Do you have an old or used vehicle that has stopped running properly? Then, you might be looking to get it fixed by a certified technician as soon as possible. Another most important thing is finding the correct parts to get your vehicle running perfectly again.

Most people look for inexpensive ways when it comes to fixing their used or broken vehicles. It has become people’s priority to save money on almost every possible thing. And, why not? As buying brand new parts can really cost big bucks. Also, you will need to pay a professional technician to install the required properly.

This are many people prefer to shop for second hand parts from junkyards in Brisbane. It is a far more reasonable option as opposed to shopping brand new parts from a dealership. Sure, it can save you some good money but there are some associated risks as well. So, when you are on a lookout for quality second hand parts, make sure to choose a reliable option. You can visit your local junkyard or contact professional Auto Wreckers like Qld Wrecker. We are recognised sellers of used parts offering great performance. It will cost you less so you can bring your vehicle in a good order.

But how to choose the right part for your vehicle? Here check the tips for correct selection of components to repair your vehicle:

Find the replacement parts that fit your vehicle

When you need to fix a vehicle, it is very important to find the right part. It can be a huge challenge even when you choose to shop from an auto salvage yard or Auto Dismantling Company in Brisbane. Whether you are looking to replace your broken radio or fix the worn-out mirror. You will need to have the right knowledge about your vehicle make and model. So, you can select the part that will fit with ease. For example, it is common to get a Turbo diesel engine in Mercedes Sprinter.

Therefore, when you think about replacing any worn-out components on your automobile. Make sure to know its body type before you start shopping. It is advisable to find out the part number in order to find the best suitable component.

Important tips before the spare part installation 

After you buy a second hand component for your automobile the next big step is to install it properly. Most of Wrecking Yards do not offer this service. Normally, it is best to take the help of a professional for this job. But if you decide to do it yourself make sure to take care of some important tips. It will help you install the component properly without creating a mess. Let’s check out the quick tips:

  • It’s always best to use dielectric grease for cleaning up of any electrical connection
  • Spray alcohol on electrical connectors before cleaning it up. It will make it easy to remove the dirt
  • If there is a chance that you will need to produce a voltage test, bring along a battery
  • It is best to buy a few parts as brand new, like gaskets, fuel, drive belts, cabin and air filters
  • Use your vehicle’s service manual to get know the necessary things while fixing or replacing any damaged component.
  • First, make sure to install the component in your vehicle in order to check its working.
  • Make sure to check your broken fuses, voltage supplies and relays on electrical components.


Chassis Spare Parts

Coil springs

When you have a bad or broken coil spring you can determine the wear and tear easily. As you will clearly spot the rust over the component. Beside this you can notice unusual sound after fitting the suspension. It is another common indicator that your coil springs are in a terrible state. Other than this, you must look for automobile sag and sway when you park and turn in your vehicle.

Even after replacing the springs you can sometimes notice bottoming out while passing the vehicle over bumps. In that case you should consider upgrading the shocks.

Leaf Springs

In order to find out if your leaf springs are damaged make sure to look for the signs of corrosion. You may notice a little rust or dirt between the spring leaves. Use a wire brush to remove it. Afterwards, you can use a damp piece of old cloth to wipe clean the area properly. Once you do it, lubricate the area by applying a silicone based lubricant. At that time you can also inspect the U-clamps are positioned correctly. Also, check that they are tight at a proper level. The clips holding the leaf springs must be also checked. Make sure that the dowel pins and shackle are not covered with rust and there should be no bends.

While searching for the component you will see that most automobiles no longer have a suspension. So, make sure to use your best judgement while inspecting the cosmetic condition of leaf spring.

Drive Axle

Look for any sign of rust on the drive axle. You must notice worn-out axle boots as well as grease leaks while inspecting CV axels. While fitting the drive axle in the automobile make sure to lift it from the ground level. While you can make someone to push down the gas pedal so you can observe the spinning of axle.

Control Arms

While checking the condition of your control arms make sure to look for huge breaks or cracks in ball joint or rubber brushings. If their condition is fine you will not notice any such issues. That said you will not notice any fractures in metal. If you take a look at the rubber it will be in a good condition.


When inspecting the differential make sure to look out for any leakage points. Check the level of fluid in the fluid bolt after unscrewing it. You can simply put your finger in it. If you feel any liquid, check it for any metal chunks.

Window Regulator

You can always find a good quality window regulator at salvage yards. After you get one make sure to test if it’s functioning well. You can either use an external source or jumper cables to apply 12V to the cable of the window regulator.

Hood Lift Support Shocks

While buying a used hood lift support shocks make sure to check its functioning. Check if it performs well when it goes up to support the hood. If you notice any problem it won’t be best to invest in it. Use pocket screwdriver when it comes to removing support shocks.


We all know that tyre is one of the most important components in a vehicle. If your tyres are not in a good condition it can risk your safety while driving. Therefore, make sure your tyre have sufficient tread depth. The minimum tread depth should be 1.5mm. You can check it by using a coin of twenty cents.

Beside this you should check the softness of tyre. It is not best to use a set of wheels that is very soft. You can use tyre flexing to inspect it. Also, look out for punctures on the inside and sidewalls of tyres. If it has multiple but smaller punctures you can fix it by applying patches or plugs. Finally, make sure to find a set of wheels with the correct specifications. For example, you should check the size of your wheels on the sidewall.

Bulbs and Lights

If you find a halogen bulb it can be difficult to inspect it. So, make sure to look for tungsten bulbs. They are easy to hold up and inspected for any damage. Make sure their filaments are in a good condition. Never touch the bulb glass area with your fingers. It can shorten its lifespan by creating a heat spot. This can cause the bulb to burn-out before the expiry date.

It is recommended to check the glass for any cracks, hue, bubbling or dark spot. If you notice any of these signs, it might be a faulty halogen bulb. You can also conduct tests leads to check the performance of the bulb in continuity. 

When it comes to light housing, you should whether the plastic is intact or not. Also, check that the electrical connectors are well-cleaned and installed properly. It is good to inspect the bulb after opening the cover so you inspect the seal. It is fitted to prevent condensation inside the light bulb. 

Window Switches

Inspect the window switch properly by giving a flick up and down. Use test leads on the terminals to make sure the switch is functioning well in continuity. Remember to click the switch down while testing. It is recommended to take help from the service manual.


Since it is crucial to have a perfectly working brake for safe driving. It is better to buy brand new parts when you need to replace broken brakes. But if you need an inexpensive option, you can consider visiting your local salvage yard.

Just make sure to check the quality of used brakes. Make sure there is sufficient material on the upper part of brakes where the pads will contact. Also, inspect the rotor for the signs of rust. A sufficient amount of thickness should be there on the part that will come in contact with the disc. Remember to check this when getting pads. You can even take help from a professional for resurfacing your worn-out brakes.


When you need to inspect the condition of shock/strut make sure to look for the leakage of hydraulic fluid. It is the easiest indicator of a broken strut or shock. This clearly indicates that you need to replace the worn-out shocks or struts.

In order to find a quality part you must visit your local junkyard. Just make sure to choose a vehicle in great condition. This way you can get the best quality component at an inexpensive price. You can quickly get it fitted to check the performance of your suspension. In order to determine its performance make sure to drive your vehicle over the bumps.

Door latch/ Door Lock Actuator

In order to check the functionality of door latch just close and open it. In case you need to replace the door lock actuators you can easily find a reliable replacement part. However, you can also disassemble the actuator into components and determine the rusted parts. After which you can just replace them on a budget.

Door Levers

To check if your vehicle’s door levers are in a good condition. You need to take off the door panel and inspect the pull rod. Check that it is well connected to the door lever as well as the latch. Also, notice that none of their component are shattered.


When you need to replace the worn out wheels you will definitely want to buy a quality replacement part. In order to avoid getting the damaged ones make sure to carefully inspect the used wheels.

Just take a look at the outer rim where the tyre is sealed. If you find that the sealing edge is dirty, clean it by using a drill combined with a wire brush. It is best to clean the surface of chrome wheels. After you install the tyre make sure it is inflated up to mark. However, use a spray (mixture of dishwashing soap and water) to fix any leaks.

Lock/Unlock Switches

Use the same test as in case of window switches. It means you will again need to check the terminals along with levels of continuity between them when the switch is actuated. It is advisable to take help from service manual.

Blower Motor

The blower motor stop working well when the air conditioning gets out of commission. The, it’s a good idea to pick a quality second hand blower motor from a recognized scrapyard. Make sure to test it by using 12 Volts into each were connector. When you do it, the rotating fan will get to the function. Often the problem can be due to a broken resistor or improper supply of voltage. 

Blower Motor Resister

In case of malfunctioning motor resister the fault is often in a resistor. You need to check the resistance between two terminals. You can get different resistance based on the specifications of your automobile. However, the resistor can be faulted if you observe an infinity reading on the odometer. Make sure the circuit is not closed while taking the reading.  


Engine components

Power steering pump

Make sure to inspect the pump’s body for any signs of leakage. Also, examine the power steering lines for any leakage. Most often people notice that leaks are coming from the hose fittings. However it doesn’t indicate a faulty pump. You only need to quickly reseal the pump. While rotating it, make sure it is spinning smoothly and consistently. Look out for these common signs of a damaged pump: a loose wheel or excessive weird noises. Even if you notice unusual noises after fitting the pump it can be damaged. In this case the steering also start malfunctioning.

Power steering lines

Check threads for worn-out or stripped O-rings. Sometimes the rubber portions get damaged due to excessive ozone or heat. Also check the metal areas of line for crimps. Before fitting old lines in your automobile make to install new seal rings. 

Steering rack

Examine the gaiters and rack to look for leaks. Also check that the band clips are properly fitted. They should not be attached too loose or too tight. If you find damage in gaiters, get them replaced immediately. It is best to dismantle the steering rack in order to determine it is working well or not. Disassemble it before installing the vehicle so you can test it. Look out if it wanders or play. Additionally, observe any weird or grinding noises and leaks. 

Air conditioning lines

Find out the refrigerant areas that are dried up to look for leaks in air conditioner. You can remove the screw on covers to identify the low and higher pressure valves. Use a pocket screwdriver to press any one of the valves down. This way you can check if the system is feeling the pressure. If the system is pressurized first depressurize it to remove the lines. At the time of fitting make sure to change the seals and O-rings.


Check the radiator fins to look out for any damage. Avoid using a cracked or corroded radiator. Once it is installed you can easily check the engine temperature to avoid overheating. If you notice only overheating and there is no leakage of coolant. It can be due to a faulty temperature sensor or thermostat.

Turbo and components

If your turbo is spinning smoothly there is no problem. You examine it by taking the turbo in your hand and spinning the inside turbine. Also look out for any cracks in turbo. When you reinstall it make sure to change every seal. It will make it easy to prevent any unnecessary check engine lights and leakage. If oil and coolant start leaking from your turbo it can quickly damage your motor.


You can also have problem in charging your alternator. Make sure to examine the drive belt to look for any wear and tear. Also check if it is tightened properly. Next, you will need to test the alternator’s charging power using a multi meter. You can get one at your local auto shop. They will test its charging performance quickly and tell you whether it is well-functional prior to fitting. 


Start by checking every location of electrical connection. There should not be any worn out teeth on the pinion gear. If necessary, you must clean the electrical connections. It is easy to test the functioning of starter using a battery, jumper cables and screwdriver. Make sure to connect the positive connection with smaller spade connection. If it still doesn’t function well then it may be a faulty one.

Electronic control unit

Do you have a problem with the electronic control unit (ECU)? It can be really hard to fix. Do your research to check an effective procedure to test its continuity. You can also search certain methods to test your motor electronics. Remember that ECU is a specific part of VIN. So, before you use it in a different automobile you will need to reprogram it.

Coolant hoses

Squeeze the coolant hoses with your hands to check there are no holes. They should be sufficiently firm. On the other hand, if it is soft, then you will need to replace it. If your automobile has a metal coolant hose, you can replace the seal at the time of upgrading your vehicle.

Vacuum tubing

Start by checking the solid air flow while blowing through the tube. Now, block the air flow at the other end using your finger while blowing again and again. This way you can make sure to check any leaks.

EGR Valve

Inspect the functioning of valve by using a blowing force as well as sucking force with your mouth. It is a great way to examine the electrical connections. If you are able to suck but can’t blow or vice versa, there is no problem. The valve will be still functioning. Use a brake fluid and wet cloth to remove any carbon deposits prior to fitting the valve.

EGR Hose

Make sure the carbon deposits and kinks are not blocking the passage of hose. In order to check the clean air flow blow through using an air compressor blower. Apply alcohol to clean the electrical connections.

Air pipes

Inspect the metal pipes for any imperfections, cracks and dings. Make sure to clean the charge pipe to remove any existing oil. For instance, air pipes consisting of soft material are more likely to intake air hose and wear out easily.


Use a multi meter to test the fuel injector resistance. Now unplug it from the wiring harness and use a test lead on each electrical pin. Make sure that each injector offers the same resistance while testing. Check out the specifications of your wheels to ensure you are getting correct resistance. It is also recommended to clear your old fuel injector before installing it again.

Spark Plugs

In order to ensure that there are no deformities and cracks in crush rings check the spark plug. If you see corrosion or oil all over the downward faced tip. It is more likely to be faulty. Additionally, it may not even function well and not produce spark. At the time of replacement make sure to torque a spark plug. Also, leave proper gaps between the feel gauges.

Full Motor

When you are thinking to buy a whole new motor it is important to be careful. Make sure to check the following things before installing it. Use a socket wrench (of size 1/2”) to crank around the motor in a clockwise. It is just like you tighten the crank pulley.

Also make sure that the motor is rotating smoothly. If the crank pulley is not able to turn smoothly, it can be duet to malfunctioning of motor. In that case, check the cosmetic condition of the motor.

Manual transmission

Remove the fill plug and check the level of fluid by putting inside a finger. It is a great way to check the fluid level. You can even use a flashlight to look for any metal of shiny chunks. Make sure to inspect linkages so they are well functioning, It can be done easily when your car is simply parked. You have to only switch between the gears. 

Automatic transmission

Normally it is really difficult to figure out if the automatic transmission is in a good condition or not. But you can find it by checking for any damage on linkages and electrical connectors and linkages. As they are really important for proper functioning of transmission.

Throttle body

Inspect the throttle plate to make sure there is no issue in opening and closing it. Also inspect the condition of the functioning of spring to determine the consistency. Use alcohol to remove any dirt from the electrical connectors. Check the idle adjust screw and throttle body stop screw. It is best to use a specific cleaner for throttle body cleaning.

Mass air flow sensor

When checking the working of mass airflow sensor make sure the engine is working. There should be no damaged and corrosion in the electrical connector. It is best to use a spray cleaner to clean the mass air flow from the inside. Make sure to do it before installing so MAF can function well.

Intake/Exhaust manifolds

Examine the manifold for cracks and dents. While fitting it again make sure to replace the gaskets. If your intake or exhaust has accumulated dirt, make sure to insert the manifolds in a parts bath for cosmetic and airflow improvement. Sometimes you can manifolds with movable components. In this case, get help from a service manual to maintain it properly.

Fuel pump

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out a problem in a fuel pump. As there different styles and forms of fuel pumps for different automobiles. So, make sure to figure out the type of your fuel pump.

First make sure to check any regulators or fuses related with fuel pump. Check that component is not corroded. You can connect a fuel pressure gauge to fuel pressure testing port to perform a fuel pressure test. Also, use a multi meter to check the voltage to and from the pump.

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