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Mercedes Wreckers

How old is your Mercedes car that you want to sell? Whether it’s a battered up Kompressor from the 90s or one of those modern Benz but in a totaled state, we will buy all Mercedes Benz models without asking any questions. All we ask for is the Mercedes Benz model and a valid ID of the person selling it.

We are licensed Mercedes car wreckers in Brisbane and one of the few in the industry that offer free car removal assistance throughout the city and its suburbs. When you sell your old Mercedes Benz to our car wreckers, you don’t have to lift a finger or drive it all the way down to our facility. We will evaluate your car at your doorstep and once you agree upon the price quote, we’ll buy it right away. We accept all Mercedes Benz models irrespective of the condition. Full cash payment will be made before we tow your car away. We are the trusted wrecking company for Mercedes car parts!

Moreover, we also offer second hand car parts across Brisbane, if you want don’t want to sell your car. Our auto appraisers can help you if it is okay to replace parts with a second hand part or sell the car!

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Some facts about Mercedes cars

We all know that Mercedes Benz models are luxurious and fun to drive, but as they get older, they turn into a money guzzler, a peace-snatcher and whatnot. The longer an older Mercedes stays on your driveway, the more money will you end up spending on it in terms of maintenance and repairs.

Thus, the right time to say bye-bye to your Mercedes Benz is when the repair costs more than expected. Mercedes Benz has evolved over the time, so if you are not able to find the desired auto car parts, or second hand parts, then sell it to us.

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How old is old enough?

No Mercedes car should bother you too much as long as it’s under manufacturer’s warranty. Once the warranty of your Mercedes Benz expires, you will have to shoulder the burden of repairs and unexpected breakdowns.

Nothing’s worse than a German car like Mercedes Benz breaking down. Believe us, it’s a nightmare. Not only are the spare parts expensive, but the service charge is also ridiculously high.

Mercedes Benz is a luxurious vehicle and finding the auto parts that match its precision are tough. And, if it is an old Mercedes Benz model, then maintaining it is more complex.

Sell your Used Mercedes for Instant Cash

Mercedes cars are laden with electronic sensors, and almost every mechanical part is driven by them. All auto parts work in tandem to ensure safety. And most of the times, when one of the auto parts fails, another one goes down with it. One thing leads to another, and you are handed a hefty repair bill at the service centre.

To avoid all these hassles, sell your old Mercedes to our reliable Mercedes car wreckers in Gold Coast and earn instant hard cash for your next purchase.

We will buy your car, regardless of its model or condition. And we are least bothered how it drives or if it drives at all. All you have to do is give us a call and have our experts come to you for a no-obligation assessment and hand you a price quote.

Reasonable Mercedes Spare Parts

In case you don’t want to let go…used parts are here to save you!

Being a top wrecking company in Brisbane, QLD Wreckers is the name you can rely on for quality Mercedes used car parts

Planning to keep your old Mercedes for a couple of more years? Let us help you save some money on the inevitable maintenance and repairs. At QLD Wreckers, we sell used Mercedes car parts at an affordable price, and they are just as good as brand new, so you can go on and on without needing to replace them.

Before wrecking your Mercedes car, we extract the car parts. If there is some problem, our mechanics fixed them and made quality auto car parts available to you in Brisbane.

Give us a call to enquire about the part you are looking for. 99% of the time we’ll have it in our stock, or you can check with us a few days later, or we’ll contact you as soon as it comes in. Whatever solves your purpose.

We are the one-stop Mercedes wreckers in Gold Coast, and we are just one phone call away from buying your old Mercedes that sells nowhere else.

Service Locations

  • Willawong

    Top Cash for Scrap Car

    Now you can sell your car in Willawong in three easy steps. Call QLD Wreckers to schedule a no-obligation assessment, accept the offer and get paid on the spot. We can offer up to $10000 for your car!

  • Chermside

    Top Cash for Scrap Car

    Selling your old car in Chermside has never been easier than with QLD Wreckers. Apart from on-site car evaluation, on the spot cash payment and free car removal service, QLD Wreckers is the only buyer offering top dollar for your unwanted car.

  • Capalaba

    Top Cash for Scrap Car

    Want to sell your junk car in Capalaba? QLD Wreckers is just a phone call away. Call us today to sell your unwanted car within 24 hours for top dollar. Schedule a no-obligation evaluation of your car to get a price quote.

  • Logan

    Top Cash for Scrap Car

    QLD Wreckers is your go-to car wrecker in Logan, offering the best price for old cars, regardless of model and make. We will buy your car within 24 hours of your first call to us. We offer free on-site assessment and car removal service throughout Logan.

  • Redcliffe

    Top Cash for Scrap Car

    Sell your unwanted car in Redcliffe without having to leave your comfort zone. QLD Wreckers makes selling an old car highly convenient and profitable by offering on-site car evaluation and same-day removal. Get top dollar for your junk car today!