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5 common signs you need an engine rebuild

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May 28, 2018

There is no doubt that the engine is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. It needs regular care and maintenance in order to function smoothly. If it is not maintained and serviced on a regular basis, then it can stop functioning well. Sometimes your automobile can break down in the middle of the road due to a broken engine. In that situation you will need to waste huge amounts of money on a tow truck service and auto repair.


There are also some other causes of having a bad engine. Sometimes you may forget to change its oil and provide the necessary maintenance required to prevent regular wear and tear. These problems can create problems in travelling long miles safely. If you ignore the issues related to your engine it can cost you huge amounts of dollars in its repairs. This is why you must ensure to take it for regular inspection and make the necessary repairs. Also, you must prepare yourself in advance for an engine rebuild. For this it is important to know the common indicators of engine failure. It will help you to take it to a professional auto mechanic on time and get it repaired.

Fortunately, here we have given some of the common signs you must watch out to identify an engine failure in your vehicle.

Knocking or Banging noise

When you notice a rattling or knocking sound from your engine. It is a common symptom of having a faulty engine. Most of the times this banging sound comes through the bottom components in the engine. It basically means that there is some fault with the bearing in the crankshaft or connecting rods closer to the pistons. Once you notice any such problem, make sure to take your car for a quick repair and maintenance service.

Consuming too much oil?

A faulty or damaged engine usually consumes more oil/petrol.  Due to this, the owner has to spend huge dollars in filling up the tank to travel fewer kilometres per litre. However, when your engine is running slow you don’t have any option other than refilling it. Before you observe how quickly your vehicle burn oil you will notice a decrease in its speed.


Another common sign of a faulty engine is when your vehicle begins misfiring. It basically happens when there is a reduction in compression in the engine. Unfortunately, this problem can’t be repaired it directly needs a quick part replacement. If ignored, this problem will slow down the speed of your vehicle.  Along with this it will also destroy the durability of your motor and give way to a lot of other risks.

Excessive smoke

All types of automobiles produce a lot of smoke. But this doesn’t mean that your tailpipe can produce too much smoke. You may notice the different colours of fumes coming from your motor. If it is a white smoke, it indicates a broken head gasket or a faulty cylinder head. This happens due to excessive rising temperature. When it is a black smoke, it means there is a problem with the mixture of fuel-air in your motor. Whereas, if it is a blue smoke, it indicates an issue with the oil.

Fuel/Oil problems

There are a lot of other things that can create a problem when it comes to engine oil. Sometimes your vehicle may burn a lot of oil very quickly. This indicates that you need an engine rebuild. Other than this the oil may start creating sludge on the oil pin. You must consider this as a warning that your motor needs an immediate repairing.

Whenever you notice any of the above signs make sure to head to Qldwreckers.com.au. They can help you with a few parts replacements and fix the problem straight away.

Buying a brand new engine will cost you lots of money, however, auto parts suppliers can provide you cheap and the best option to bring you back on the road again.