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Scrap Car Recycling in Brisbane


As we all know, every car reaches the end of its life after a certain period. That’s where most people look towards scrapping and recycling their old vehicles. Today Scrap Car Recycling in Brisbane have become increasingly popular. It is commonly due to the increasing concern of people about the environmental issues. Large number of vehicles are scrapped at car recycling yards in Brisbane every day. They primarily deal with dismantling and recycling the useful metals and materials.

Over the past few years, the vehicle recycling prices have increased to 75% to 85%. In fact, the auto recycling industry makes huge sales annually. As more and more people prefer to use refurbished parts in order to keep their used vehicles running.

Reusing old cars is not new, they did it a long time ago. By reselling old dilapidated seats, batteries, wheels, bumpers or other components and fixing them on similarly functioning cars, or on the market? However, in recent years, the fact that the automobile recycling market has been developed and changed is that the recycling rate of automobiles produced in the past two decades is 75%-85%.

The Process of Recycling Used Vehicles

Today used car recycling industry has developed in leaps and bounds. They provide a new life to automobiles that are otherwise considered as scrap, junk, damaged or almost dead. By using appropriate techniques they recycle such vehicles to extract valuable components. Thereby, they are sell parts for used automobiles. It includes parts like windshield, seats, radiators, tyres, batteries, iron, glass, rubber, wheels and all other variety of components.

Scrap Car Recycling at Qld Wreckers

Generally, auto recycling centers take all such vehicles that are actually useless! But We can recycle all of them. It is because the recycling of used parts requires less energy in contrast to manufacturing of brand new components. Also, the process of recycling used items release lower amount of toxic gases like carbon dioxide. For instance, the process of mining and processing steel produce a large amount of carbon dioxide.

At Qld Wreckers, we take care of all the essential steps straight from the scrap car removals in Brisbane. We just want to make sure that the whole dismantling and recycling process should go smooth and easy to the environment.

Here check out the various ways for recycling vehicles: 

  • First of all, the vehicle inspected by the auto recycling experts which is proceeded by safe removal and recycling.
  • By inspecting the vehicle they are able to determine the number of components and materials that are in a useful state.
  • After this the harmful fluids are safely removed and working components are extracted.
  • The components are properly refurbished and offered for sale at auto salvage yard inventory.
  • Lastly, the vehicle is broken down and salvaged for useless components that needs to be disposed.

Does the auto material have any effect on the removal process?

Of course, the overall value of a vehicle is influenced by the type of material (plastic or metal) it consist of. This help auto salvage yard owners to figure out the fair price of a vehicle. They also use these factors to determine the value of the unwanted automobiles. After all, their conditions play a major role in determining the price value. 

Furthermore, the junk auto removal service uses Eco-friendly techniques for its correct disposal.  It includes, Density separation, air separation, radiation technology and eddy current separation.

Safe disposal of hazardous waste

Normally, Auto Dismantlers in Brisbane focus at disposing every hazardous waste in a safe way. As we know, all vehicles use toxic substances like battery acid, fuel, antifreeze and engine oil. It is important to properly dispose every harmful material. And store them in a tight container. You must dispose them in a more environmentally friendly way. However, if you fail to do so, it will contaminate your local water and groundwater resources.

Hence, it is important to safely discard every unwanted automobile without contributing the environment.

Keen on Dumping Unwanted Car in Brisbane?

Follow the safe scrap car recycling in Brisbane by contacting Qld Wreckers. Dump Your Car Free by giving us a call at 0416 615 100 or you can also find a form on the right hand of the website. Remember, we pay top cash for scrap cars and pick up the scrap vehicles for no additional cost in Brisbane, Qld. 

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