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The legal rules for buying and selling a car in Brisbane

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April 15, 2018

The vehicle you currently own has been yours for nearly a decade, and an upgrade is overdue. It seems to be in perfectly fine condition, aside from a vague odour of cigarettes dating back to before you quit that vile habit. There is also a ding from a slight mishap you experienced while parking a few years ago, as well as a coffee stain on one of the seats.

These minor problems shouldn’t be cause for any major concern for you. But that doesn’t change the fact you need to be fully conscious of the rules concerning the sale of automobiles in a manner that is both legal and problem-free. All the states in Australia have their own websites. On these sites they host the relevant information pertaining to the level of readiness a vehicle has to be in to be considered safe before it is sold.

Online tools you can use

Consequently, on the website that is run by the Queensland Government, there are tools whose primary purpose is to provide folk with help when either buying or selling vehicles. Among those tools is a link to http://howsafeisyourcar.com.au/ . This is a handy website that hosts a form you can fill out. Provide the key details outlined in the form. You can find out how safe your vehicle is to within an 80% degree of accuracy. Its methods use crash data from real life, and are the same that the ANCAP and the UCSR use.

Some rules from the QLD Govt. Website

Here are some of the rules that the Queensland Government have formulated to make the legal sale of cars produce a safer driving environment for road users.

  • You are required to get a safety certificate for your vehicle, and it has to be given at an approved inspection station.
  • Your safety certificate has to be prominently displayed on the windscreen or window before sale, unless it is an electronic certificate, i.e. a PDF.
  • The car requires fully functioning airbags to be installed
  • The automobile needs to have fully functioning electronic stability
  • Seat belts and other such restraints that are in good condition
  • Headlights that are working perfectly

What to think about if you are buying

If you are buying a car, here are some things that you can make enquiries about.

  • Whether the car is in your name or not;
  • Even if it is registered or not;
  • Whether it has a certificate of inspection, or a safety certificate or not;
  • Have all the payments been made or not;
  • Is it stolen property, or is it repossessed property.

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