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How to increase the resale value of your Ute

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April 15, 2018

Vehicles are some of the worst offenders in the universe when it comes to value depreciation. So much so that it is often said that they start to drop in value the instant they are driven off the car dealership lot. And Utes is no exception to this rule. Not by any stretch of the imagination. And I don’t care if you have an incredibly fertile imagination. Utes depreciates in value just as much as all the rest of the vehicular family.

So, this brings us to the first and only question this blog attempts to answer. How does one increase the resale value of their Ute?

Have a canopy installed

Canopies provide protection to the exterior of the tray and anything that the tray is holding. They also increase the amount of usable volume that the Ute is able to hold. People on the look-out for a Ute will find that Utes with canopies are more attractive propositions than the Utes without canopies. It means that they won’t have to shell out any money to get one themselves when they buy it. And if there is anything that is better than that, you will have to inform me because I don’t know what it is.

Have the interior regularly detailed

Of course, it goes without saying that keeping the exterior clean is important. But the interior needs to be kept in tip-top condition as well. So make sure to have a scheduled detailing to be done at least once every few months. Some say to do it every week, but that will be too expensive for most people out there who are on normal incomes, and already have a family to feed.

Take your Ute in for servicing regularly

If you would like your Ute to be in a good state when it comes time to sell it, keeping it regularly maintained is essential. This means taking it in to be looked at and serviced every six months. The professionals will change the oil and anything else that needs to be changed, and they will check it for any issues. Keep the receipts and documentation so you can show prospective buyers when the day to sell it rolls around.

More things you can do

Have the windshield wipers replaced whenever they need replacing. You never know when it will be time to sell the Ute. It could spring up on you at any moment, and you have to be prepared for this possibility by always having windshield wipers that are not faulty.

The same principal applies easily to the cleanliness of your Ute. Keep it washed and waxed whenever you get the opportunity, or you feel it needs it. Don’t forget to clean the interior either. It would be a good idea to refrain from smoking or eating in your vehicle if you want it to retain a good resale value. No-one wants a Ute that smells of smoke and food.

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