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Tips on how to keep your Truck properly maintained

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May 10, 2018

Trucks are very important vehicles. They are the hardest working vehicles out there, and for this reason alone anyone owning a truck need to keep it in tip-top shape. The last thing one needs in their life is a truck that breaks down all the time.

It doesn’t only cost money to fix. That truck is probably an integral part of a business, so not working will also be losing the business money. However, not everyone is an expert in truck maintenance. Fortunately, this blog post exists.


In this post we will cover such tips as knowing what signs to look for when the spark plugs need changing. We will explore the topic of regular tyre changing. This is the blog post to turn to if you are in need of help in learning all the correct maintenance tasks that ensure that your truck is completely road-worthy.

Regularly Change your Oil

Not all pick-up trucks survive as long as they should. A lot of them kick the bucket much earlier than is normally expected. One of the most common reasons for this to happen is the owner not changing the oil as often as they are supposed to.

Generally, it is considered best practice to change the oil once every 5000 Km. However, one’s driving habits can change the rules a little bit. If you are travelling less than 17Km each time you go on an errand in your truck, about twice a year is the amount of times to change your oil.

If you neglect this practice, here is what can happen. The oil gets dirty, it doesn’t work as well, and your truck has to work harder than it normally does, reducing its life expectancy.

Clean the Filters Regularly

Your pickup truck needs to have its oil filters either cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. The whole point of having those filters in the first place is to keep dust, dirt and general debris from making its way into your engine. As has been previously explained, friction is rife in any engine due to moving parts constantly rubbing against each other. If dirt or anything similar gets in, the amount of friction will increase, wearing out the engine faster.

Another benefit of having filters that are clean is that the clean air going through will keep things cool, especially the spark plugs. If you want to increase your car’s mileage by up to 14% as studies have shown, keep those air filters clean, or replace them regularly.

Keep the Truck Clean

You need to keep your truck clean, both on the outside and inside, for a few different good reasons. First of all, you will be keeping your truck’s value high, which will be of great benefit when it comes time to sell it. One way in which keeping your truck clean helps in this area is by waxing its exterior. You will be protecting it from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which are very damaging.

If you keep the windshield clean you will be at a lesser risk of being in a crash due to maximum levels of visibility being maintained. Also, keeping your truck clean helps with fuel efficiency as well.

Have the Battery Replaced

Your pickup truck’s life will last a lot longer if you keep an eye on it, making sure that it is always working to the best of its ability. The fact of the matter is that when weather conditions get difficult, batteries tend to last less long.

Here is how to replace your pickup truck’s battery to ensure that it lasts as long as it possibly can. Check the battery fluid’s level by locating the level on the battery’s casing. If they seem to be getting low than it is very likely that you will need to get it replaced sometime soon.

Another thing to look for is a gunk build-up. Have a look at the casing and ask yourself whether it looks at all swollen. Look for any corrosion signs. You may need to replace your battery if anything looks bad. Don’t forget to test that battery at least once every three years.

Replace your Sparkplugs

Your sparkplugs in your pickup truck aren’t going to last forever. You will need to have them replaced once they wear down. The amount of emissions your automobile puts out will be a lot more if your spark plugs are worn down. Sparkplugs that are in bad enough condition can cause a vehicle to not start up properly, or even stall.

A car’s battery will drain faster if your sparkplugs are either old or dirty, and your truck’s catalytic converter may end up failing in the long run. This is where petrol is getting into the exhaust. The converter reacts by overheating. If this happens, and the exhaust is unable to escape from your engine, this is bad.

Then there is the disaster of having a sparkplug actually break and end up loose in the inner workings of your pickup truck. If this occurs, you will need to pay large dollars for repairs.

Have Your Truck Inspected Frequently

Most of these tips in this blog post are easy enough to perform on your own if you are that way inclined. But more often than not it is very important to have a skilled professional have a serious look at your truck. They will be able to see any problems and properly see what it is.

It is also likely that any issues that you didn’t even have a clue needed sorting out will be found by the professional in question. What’s more, if there are any parts that need replacing. And your truck is an old model, they can help you. They do this by knowing exactly what part you need and ordering it. If you get the part yourself and you make a mistake, you can end up seriously damaging your truck.

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