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A step by step guide to restore an old car

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April 19, 2018

Today there is a great fandom of high tech muscle cars and advance hybrid automobiles. But many people still get fascinated by the style and vintage look of classic vehicles. Nothing beats its timeless beauty and the fun of driving it. Beside this it has a very sophisticated functioning in comparison to the newer versions. Most of the vintage rides are known for their excellent durability and value.

These days we can see a great upward shift in the prices of new cars. This is why more and more people are looking forward to restore their old rides. If you have a classic ride sitting in your garage, it is possible to restore it. No matter what has rendered it un-serviceable for many years, it is possible to rehabilitate its condition.

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In this guide we’ve shared some easy steps for the old car restoration project. But before you jump into the process it is important to consider a few things. Here they are:

Time and Money

There is no doubt that you will need to invest a significant amount of time and money for your old car restoration project. It can even take several weeks or months to rehabilitate its condition based on the specifications. Likewise, you will need to spend a chunk of money because it is not an inexpensive project. The overall cost will depend on the existing shape of the automobile and the type of finishing you want. Sometimes you may also incur a few expenses that you haven’t anticipated. Therefore, it is best to form a rough estimate and save some money to meet unexpected costs.

Right equipment

If you want to rehabilitate your automobile in a correct manner make sure to have all the right tools in hand. Some of the common equipment you will need is welding machines, torch and plasma cutters. If you jump into the process without having these equipments in hand. It will simply waste your precious money and time.

Create enough space

When it comes to restoring any automobile that has not been in service for many years. You must free up adequate space where you can fix it without any trouble. For this purpose, vacant lots and driveways may not be a good option. So, make enough room in your garage where you can properly refurbish the vehicle in question.

After you have considered the above discussed important things, you can start the process of restoring the beauty of your vintage automobile.  

Easy step by step instructions for restoration of an old car:

Determine your purpose

When you decide to refurbish your old vehicle, you’ll need to know what you want. This means the purpose for which you are restoring the automobile. Make sure to determine whether you need an SUV, a trailer or sedan. After this you can prepare a budget accordingly. Otherwise, you will end up having a ride that is not enjoyable and expensive to maintain.

Search for a prospect vehicle

If you don’t have any old vehicle and want to buy one on a budget, start searching for one (Maybe junk car yards in Brisbane). There are also many online websites which sell unserviceable automobiles. If you wish, you can get recommendations from a friend or relative. It will help you in negotiating the price and getting a good deal. Always make sure to choose a vehicle which is least damaged because it will decrease the overall restoration costs.

Take it apart

This is the step where the restoration process actually starts. You must start the auto dismantling process in your spacious garage. If required make sure to label all the components so you can easily assemble them back later. This will save your time as you won’t need to put any hard efforts through the process. Once you have disassembled the automobile determine the parts that you actually need. So, you can salvage ones that you don’t want to reuse. While doing this, be careful so that you don’t end up loosing any essential part.

Restore the structure

The next step is to restore the auto body. You can try various different ways to restore the original beauty of our classic wheels. You can remove the rust from the components by using a sandblast or sand. Moreover, you can also use a process called chemical dipping for removal of rust and underseal. This will definitely give you the best results. Because your old automobile will certainly have a flaky or disappointing layer of paint. So, you will need to paint it again to bring it in style. Remember to use a paint which also protects it from undesirable conditions.

You must also take of the holes (if any). Just patch it or consider replacing the entire affected area. At this point you can try metal works. As it properly handles the materials and provide a great look to the vehicle. Remember to revamp the upholstery. You can select any design and material which suits your need and lifestyle.

Restore the car’s mechanical condition

It is a very daunting to restore the mechanical system of an automobile which have not been used for years. However, if you have good knowledge about automobiles, you can do it effectively. But in another case it is best to hire a professional automobile mechanic. Remember to restore all of the important parts like suspensions, transmissions, brakes and engines such that they are fully functional. In addition to this, make sure that all the electrical connections are working properly. Of course, you will not want to make it a tedious job. You can find effective tutorials online to get the restoration of the vehicle.

Assemble the vehicle

After completing all of the above steps make sure to assemble the automobile again. Make sure to put back everything correctly, just like you do with the pieces of the puzzle. However, this will take your time and efforts. Take care to place all the parts appropriately so you have the peace of seeing your automobile in a good shape. Make sure to extremely cautious to avoid causing damage to any component. Most importantly, don’t forget to test drive the automobile once it has been restored.

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