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How to get rid of a totalled car in Brisbane

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June 8, 2017

It is always a sad day when you realise that your trusted vehicle, that has served you well for years, is now a pile of junk. If you are a petrol-head and have sunk plenty of cash into making your ride as sweet as possible via customisations. This emotional trauma can be that much worse.

If your car is totalled, it might seem that your options are limited to just getting a check from the insurance company and that’s that. However, there are a few more avenues that you have open to you. Here they are in all their glory:

Take the insurance company dollars

In the aftermath of a crash, or similar accident, the insurance company will look at your car and determine how much it will cost to fix it. If it turns out that it costs more to fix it than it would to buy it after it is repaired. You stand to receive money. The amount will be the same as the how much the vehicle is worth, after deductibles have been subtracted. Effectively, the insurance company is buying the car.

Keep the vehicle and repair it

In the event that the vehicle runs just fine. You have the means to have it transported to the local mechanic. Or might find yourself deciding to hold onto it. You will need to opt to not file any kind of claim. A complete repair will need to be planned. This means all the damages that the accident inflicted upon your ride. This option won’t be for most people. But if you have developed an emotional attachment to the car based on sentimentality. This might be your preferred course of action.

Keep it and sell the parts individually

Finally, this is a plan of action that will require some things from you. One is an extensive knowledge in how to dismantle a car properly without damaging any of the parts.

Another is a generous amount of space doing both the job. And to store the parts and materials. You will need plenty of spare time.

Finally, if you don’t have all the correct tools to do the job with, forget about it. You might be able to hire the tools. But at the end of the day spending money on the tools will cut into any money you make from this endeavour. Ultimately, most people will find that the best course of action is to just sell to a cash for car company in Brisbane, QLD.

Sell it to Cash for Cars Company in Brisbane, Qld

A cash for car firms will do all the things described above. They will also do it all following strict guidelines when it comes to pollutants. But first they need to buy the car off you. And they will usually pay you fairly, based on the weight of the amount of steel one the car and the number of salvageable parts.

Since this is the best option for most folk. You would be well advised to contact your local cash for cars company like Qld Wreckers if you have a totalled car to sell.