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Is a Flood-Damaged Car Repairable?

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April 15, 2018

These days, people can find a lot of different kinds of cars on the salvage lot or online websites. One of the variety you can definitely find is vehicles that were damaged in the flood. In fact, people who stick with flood damaged cars are often keen to know if there is any good idea to repair them.

The simple answer is definitely yes, it is possible to repair flood damaged cars. However, the cost of repairs can be a question of concern because repairing a vehicle that has been totally damaged by flood is not going to be an inexpensive endeavour. The degrees of damage will obviously help in determining the overall costs. Here have a look at some of the factors that will help you determine if it is a good option to repair your flood damaged car.

Have a look at the condition of the vehicle

Any professional auto dealer with great skills can make once a badly damaged vehicle look as good as new. Therefore, make sure to get your flood damaged automobile inspected and know if you can get it into a good condition or not. If you have adequate knowledge about the automotive you can attempt to do it on your own. Otherwise, look for a professional who can do it for you.

Salt Water

Most often salt water gets deposited in various areas of a vehicle that has been totally submerged in water.  As all of us know that water can get collected anywhere easily. But when the salt water seeps into the various parts of the vehicle it leaves the deposits on them. As a result, the parts and components start to corrode and it becomes difficult to make any repairs.

Did It Reach the Engine?

As we have already discussed above, where the water gets collected into the vehicle play a huge role. This is because if it reached the auto engine, then it will be very expensive to take apart the whole thing and fix it up to put it in a good working order. Therefore, it is wise to never purchase a vehicle whose engine is damaged by water because you may not be able to detect any damage in it. Again, if you look to purchase a vehicle that has been driven through a flooded area, then its engine may likely get damaged.

Is the electrical system of your vehicle working properly?

If your vehicle is starting properly, then it doesn’t mean its electrical system is working perfectly fine. You can better get the electrical system inspected which includes the automatic windows, check engine lights and etc.

Check the title for “Flood” or “Salvage” Stamps

This another great way to figure out whether it’s worth repairing your flood damaged vehicle or not. If your water damaged vehicle’s insurer or previous owner considered to fix it and found that it is not worth the money. Then, this is definitely something that you necessitates serious consideration.

Hence, if you are looking to buy a water damaged vehicle, make sure to only purchase it from a well-known source. Also, never forget to go through all the information like its maintenance and repair history. If you find any issues that needs attention, make sure to have a clear idea about the costs.

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