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Five important reasons to buy a used car engine

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April 15, 2018

The engine or says motor, is obviously the most essential component of an automobile. Basically, a vehicle without a motor is a huge tin can that can’t be moved anywhere. This is why, most of the auto owners ensure to take care of their vehicles engine by getting it checked on a regular basis and by not misusing its capacity.

But, there may be times when you your vehicle’s engine may stop functioning. It could be because of a major accident or a malfunction that is not covered under the warranty. But, regardless of that you may find yourself in an incredibly tedious situation of having your vehicle’s engine replaced.

In fact, now you may be trying to decide whether you should replace your automobile’s motor or purchase a new car. It can cost you a great amount of money to buy a new motor, but not as much as buying a new automobile based on the circumstances. However, an even better choice is to purchase a quality used engine. Here are five significant reasons to why you’ll want to consider buying a second hand car engine.

Cost-effective – Relax your wallet

This is one of the most obvious and much desired benefit of purchasing a used engine. As compared to a brand new engine, a used one has already depreciated in value and so it is less expensive. However, the cost of a new one can extremely vary based on your vehicle’s manufacturing year and model. And, you may even end up paying a price that is much more than you bargained for.

Thus, when you are looking for a good engine at a reasonable price to restore your automobiles to its former glory, a used auto motor is the way to go.

Covered by Extended Warranties

Many people feel reluctant to invest in a used auto engine. As they think that it would be a great risk. But the matter of fact is that this is not the case. Because in the automotive industry, used auto part dealers to sell every engine with a 6-months warranty coverage.

Not just this, most of them also sell quality used engines covered by extended warranties and offer free of cost replacement services in case if that motor fails. What does this mean? This means on purchasing a used engine with an extended warranty of 1 year, 3 year or lifetime you can only get a free replacement service, but the dealer will also have the replacement used motor installed in your automobile at their own expense.

Dependability and Reliability

No matter if you believe it or not. Used motors are likely more reliable and more dependable rather than their new counterparts. This is because they are thoroughly tested and tried so that they function and work properly. While this can’t be said for brand new ones, as they have never been used. Knowing the reliability and dependability of a used engine is a primary advantage that can save you a fair bit of money on its replacements and repairs. 


If you are planning on simply purchasing a new vehicle as you may consider it to be an easy way. Remember to consider about all the hassles that comes with it.  These include all such things such as getting a new registration. Changing the insurance policies and various other extra expenses and stress that comes along after buying a new automobile. Even though replacing an engine may cost a bit of additional work in advance. But the advantages outweigh both the expense and troubles that occur when purchasing a new automobile.

Helping the Environment

Purchasing used engines and other automobile components prevents them from ending up in a landfill and entering into the waste stream. Many folks think that replacing a car’s motor costs a lot of money. And consider replacing their vehicles as a better option. By choosing to purchase a used motor, car owners can significantly reduce the amount of energy that would be utilised to produce new ones. Which decrease the quantity of greenhouses gases and emissions release into the environment.