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Why QLD Wreckers are the Brisbane’s most trusted Toyota Wrecking Company

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October 24, 2017

Toyota cars are famous for their high level of reliability. They are reliable and affordable at the same time. However, unfortunately, your Toyota will not last forever. If it doesn’t succumb to old age, it will be written off in some kind of road accident or natural disaster. All you can hope for is that you aren’t the one owning it when this occurs.

However, for those that have found themselves in ownership of a junk Toyota, there may seem to be no solution. The accepted wisdom is that a junk car is generally impossible to sell. But this simply isn’t true, as long as QLD Wreckers is on the scene. We will buy that Toyota off you. Here are the reasons why you would want to sell your Toyota to us.

Qld Wreckers have years of experience

We haven’t just decided to join the cash for cars-industry in the last few years. We have been doing this for many years. Our experts know exactly what they are doing in every aspect of the car selling and removal process.

We Buy All Toyota Models

We aren’t in the habit of rejecting Toyota’s for any reason. We will buy absolutely any Toyota that is offered to us, providing that it isn’t stolen. Or imaginary. Here is just a fraction of the Toyota’s that we are more than happy to buy: Prius, Corolla, Tacoma, Camry, Sienna, Tundra, MasterAce, Supra, Celica, Auris, Dyna, Alphard, and many, many more. All of them, really.

We Pay More than Anyone Else

Our team of experts has a wealth of knowledge that comes from all the years of experience that they have accumulated. They draw upon this knowledge to make the most accurate and generous estimates of the value of any car or automobile, or vehicle for that matter. Furthermore, they have a bias, and that bias is toward larger offers. This ensures that you will get a higher offer on your car than you would get anywhere else. When we say top cash, we mean top cash.

Our Toyota Removal Service is Cost Free

If you are selling us a junk Toyota you won’t be driving it anywhere. No-one will, ever again. This won’t be any kind of barrier to getting it to our salvage yard after we buy it off you. Don’t worry, though, as we won’t ask you to pay for the transport and removal of the Toyota in question. Instead, we will use the equipment that we have at our own disposal to go ahead and complete the task of removal ourselves.

The best part is that you won’t have to pay a single dollar for it. We will not subtract the cost of removal from the amount that we offer or pay you either. Other cash for cars companies will make you pay to transport the vehicle to their salvage yard before they buy it off you. We think that this is wrong, hence the free removal policy.

Sell your Toyota cars in Brisbane hassle-free and get the most of it with Qld Wreckers now.

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