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Bad advice for broken vehicles

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April 15, 2018

A vehicle that is breaking down on a regular basis will make life a struggle. It becomes an avid consumer of your time and money, not to mention effort. Perhaps it isn’t surprising, then, that well-meaning friends and family would try to help. Everyone has at least a few friends or family who are could be described as petrol heads. The advice on how to solve your car-problem will be coming in thick and fast.

If one of those people is a true professional, then by all means listen to them. But if they aren’t, it might be best to take everything they say with a grain of salt. After all, how do you know that they are correct?

Here at QLD Wreckers we have been in the cash for cars industry for a very long time. Poor maintenance is one of the top things that we have seen to be the undoing of many a good vehicle. And sometimes this poor maintenance is the result of bad advice. Here are some of the worst pieces of advice that you should always avoid taking.

“Only get your car fixed at the dealership so as not to void the warranty.”

No car manufacturer will tell their customers not to have their vehicle repaired at the local mechanic. If you are worried about making the warranty void, all you need to be is careful when it comes to your manual and the specifics within it.

“If your mechanic doesn’t have the correct equipment, they will still be able to fix your car engine.”

There is no question that the engine is a very important component. It isn’t something to be trifled with. If you know that your mechanic doesn’t have an engine analyser or scan tool, get someone else to fix it.

“Replacing parts with unbranded components is perfectly okay”

While you will certainly be saving money this way, you are taking a risk. Unbranded car parts might work fine. But they might also be very bad for your vehicle. Unbranded replacement parts are often the cause of even worse problems further down the road.

“Don’t buy a new car, just fix your current one whenever it needs it.”

If your vehicle is breaking down more than twice a year, and the repairs are costly due to the seriousness of the damage, then you need a new vehicle. If you can calculate the cost of repair annually to be more than the cost of a new car, buy a new car instead.

“Don’t fix your vehicle if it is still running.”

If you think something is wrong because of a new sound or smell, don’t just leave it because your vehicle is still running just find. Get it seen to by your local mechanic. If you don’t you risk having much worse problems further down the line. This will only lead to more money being spent.

If your car has actually kicked the bucket, contact us here at QLD Wreckers and we will pay you top dollar for your vehicle. Call us at 0416 615 100 or fill out the form on our website.