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6 Important Tips for Buying Tyres

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October 15, 2018

The performance and safety of every type of vehicle depend on the quality of rubber of the tyres that contacts the road surface while driving. Thus, whenever you notice that the tread of your vehicle’s tyre is upside down now, that it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Auto experts always recommend vehicle owners to keep a regular check on their tyres with the passage of time. Also, look out for various signals like damaging and peeling on the sides of the tyres.

However, a large number of shoppers don’t research before purchasing new tyres. If you are also among such type of buyers, make sure to be smart and follow some great tips that can help you to get a reliable set of wheels at a reasonable price.

Select the correct size

It is essential that the size of your replacement tyres matches with one that is given on your vehicle door jamb or owner’s manual.  You can check the size on the sidewalls of your worn-out tyres, so that you can buy a right set of wheels.  It is usually given in the sequence like P265/70R16.

Check the age code (whether you are buying new or used tyres)

We all know that auto wheels deteriorates with the passage of time and quickly in hot weather conditions. Thus, it is important to check the age code before purchasing them.

The age of tyres is generally a 4-digit number given after a letter sequence and starting with a DOT. It indicates the manufacturing week and year of the wheel. For example, if the age of a wheel is 6009, it means 60th week of 2009.

However, manufacturers always recommend to replace tyres after a period of every 6 years, regardless of their condition. Also, some sores keep old or used wheels in their inventory, so it is essential to check that you are buying a set of wheels that is in a good condition.

You must need to investigate this point if you are planning to buy a second hand tyres.

Understand the lingo

The most popular choice among the vehicle owners is “All-season” tyres. But make sure to consider what is the best option between “high-performance” or “ultra-high-performance”, according to the requirements of your automobile. The performance of a tyre defines its ability to control well at higher speeds. Thus, any wheels that is high-performance will tends to get worn-out quickly.

Consider twice about the warranty

Many manufacturers often offer mileage warranties based on the type of tyre (generally between 50,000 – 80,000 miles). And the matter of fact is that if the wheel is very heavy then, the less performance you should expect, regardless of good you are at driving.

So think twice about the warranty when buying a set of wheels.  This is because if wheels wear out before actually ageing you will not only get a new set for free. There is also an allocated credit for replacements.

To enjoy this benefit you will have to prove that you have taken care of wheels properly and inflated them to the correct pressure, properly aligned them and rotate after every 5,000-7,500 miles. Before giving you the warranties the manufacturers will conduct a proper inspection and will also need appropriate service records.

Never depend on the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

If you have an automobile that was manufactured in 2008 or after it, there are chances that it has a TPMS. It helps in warning about the underinflated wheels. When there is inadequate air pressure it will increase the speeds of wear and tear in your wheels and is also a great safety risk.  Therefore, get your wheels checked every month to make sure that they last longer and inflated according to the specifications given on your automobile’s door jamb.

Know how to get a fair deal

Tyres are usually an expensive part of automobiles. But if you are looking to get a set on discounted price you should certainly try your best.  If you can visit your neighbouring garage, you will get no or very low discounts as they are always looking to earn higher profit margins. Aside from this, there are coupon sales where you can’t just expect to get a successful bargain.

Furthermore, you can check out various websites that sell tyres which are worth trying. All you have to is just type “buy tyres online” into your favourite search engine and you will get numerous options. You can get the best discount on but with the associated services like oil change, installation or lifetime tyre rotations.

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