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Volvo Truck Wreckers Brisbane

Has your Volvo truck finally gotten so old and decrepit that you need to sell it? Regardless of the reason why you want to see the back of your truck, if you want it done as fast as possible and without any reduction in financial remuneration, you should call us as Qld Brisbane Car Wreckers. We are the number one Volvo wreckers in Brisbane, and we will gladly buy that truck that you no longer want.


Cold Hard Cash for Your Volvo

Depending on the condition and model of Volvo truck that you want to sell, we will pay the most that it can possibly make. Call us at 07 3393 9929 and one of our friendly team will take your call. Or you can contact us via the cash quote form on our website. We pay between $100 and $15,000 for Volvo trucks throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Logan, Rocklea, and Townsville, Queensland. We pay maximum cash for trucks in Brisbane.

Free Quotes for Unwanted Trucks

If you would like to know how much we will pay for your Volvo truck, you can easily get a free quote from us. Call the number that has been given previously. Or fill out the online form on our website and you will get a response as soon as possible. All we need is the age, condition and model of Volvo truck that you want to sell us.

Get your Truck Removed for Free

Folk who sell their Volvo trucks to us usually sell them because they have broken down and are too expensive to fix. In this situation, if you want to transport it anywhere you will have to hire a company. But if you are selling to us, we will come and remove the truck after paying you for it. And we will remove it for free.

All Volvo Truck Models Wanted to Buy

We buy Volvo trucks of any model. But not everyone knows this, which is why we are often asked if we accept certain models. So let this put that particular enquiry to rest. Whether your Volvo truck is a F16, FS7, FL12, VN, NH, FLC, FM7, VT, FL6, FM9, F10, F12, N12, NL10, NL12 or ECT we will gladly pay top cash for it.

All Volvo’s Bought regardless Of Condition

We buy Volvos that can be anywhere on the scale from brand new to junk yard quality. So whether your beloved Volvo truck has been totalled in an accident. Or it has just gotten old, we will be more than happy to take it off your hands.


Volvo Truck Parts for Sale

We have such a wide range of high quality used Volvo parts for sale at such low prices that it should be a crime. Fortunately it isn’t, and you can come on down if need be and find the part you need. Or, again, you can contact us online to order a part using the form.

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