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Selling scrap trucks to QLD Wreckers

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July 19, 2017

Perhaps the worst thing about being in possession of a scrap truck, is the amount of space on your property that you are unable to use because the truck is using it.

Every time you see it, you are reminded of the fact that you have a giant scrap vehicle taking up valuable real estate. If it is wearing you down and causing despair for you and your family, perhaps you should do something about it. Fortunately, you can, by selling to QLD Wreckers. We will take that truck off your hands, even if it isn’t scrap and you want to sell it anyway.

Why trucks stop running

Eventually, all things die. Time doesn’t discriminate against anything, and that includes trucks. The constant working of the engine and all other moving parts creates wear and tear, which accumulates over time. One day it will cost too much to continue maintaining the vehicle and you will have to dispose of it. The development of rust can also play a part.

Either that, or the truck had a crash. Whatever the reason for your truck’s demise, you can get rid of it very easily. Simply contact QLD Wreckers, Brisbane’s top 4×4 truck removal specialists. You won’t just see the back of that truck once and for all, we will also pay you cash for it.

How it works?

You will be amazed at how easy the process is. You aren’t required to do any heavy lifting whatsoever. Just leave it all to our capable team. Who will provide you with the most convenient and hassle free car selling experience you have ever had.

The first step to freedom from scrap trucks involves contacting us right away. There is a form on our website that you can use if you so please. We also have a phone number to use if you would prefer to talk to someone. Here is that number in all its glory: 07 3393 9929.

When you contact us you will need to have the make, model, condition and age handy so you can relay those details back to us. We will then furnish you with a lovely free quote on your scrap truck. You will be more pleased with it, and we will then send someone over to where ever you and your truck are situated. They pay you cash on the spot, and proceed to haul the truck off to the salvage yard. Everyone wins.

How do we determine the value of your truck?

The amounts we pay for trucks depends on the make, model, condition and age. We have been known to pay up to $15000.

We want to know the condition of your 4WD or commercial truck because it may have parts on it that we can salvage. When determining the value we look at how many parts we can get from the truck to add to our inventory. On top of that, we will look at the weight of scrap metal on the truck and factor that in as well. The make and model will indicate whether the parts will be in high demand or not, which further influences the price.

If you have a scrap truck, make haste and call us today!

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