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How car wreckers in Brisbane valuate the price of your scrap car

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September 8, 2017

In my last post, I described, how does old car valuation work in Australia. However, now, I am going to discuss more about Brisbane auto wreckers, how they actually estimate the value of your scrap or junk car.

Do you need to find someone who will buy that scrap car of yours faster? If you live in Brisbane and you have decided that selling to a cash for scrap car company is the best way to go, you will be familiar with their websites. They often have $9’999 as the highest amount they will pay for used vehicles. This is by no means an untruth.

However, a few different variables are taken into account in order to arrive at any estimate. If the automobile you are looking to sell is a junk wheel, or it runs, but it is in demonstrably bad condition, you won’t get the aforementioned amount.

What are the different junk car valuation factors that are considered?

When someone contacts the good folk at any wrecking company, they will be required to provide certain details regarding their vehicle in order to procure a free quote. The details are as follows:

What make and model is the car?

The amount of money your vehicle will earn you from its sale partially depends on what the make and model the vehicle is. The more popular the vehicle make and model is, the more in demand it will be, and high demand drives the up the value. It will also help if the make is a luxury brand, such as Mercedes Benz or Audi. An example of a model that is particularly low in value is any model whose production has been halted.

What condition is the vehicle in?

Cash for car businesses buy all kinds of different automobiles. They will buy vehicles that are in any condition, no matter what. But that doesn’t mean that they will pay the same amount of money. If you sell them a junk vehicle. They will pay you based on what they can salvage from the car during the wrecking process. If you sell them a used car, that is in decent condition and still runs, you can expect to get more. Because they will fix the car up and get more money for it then if they were to wreck it.

Whether the vehicle is big or not

Another part of the calculation that is made by the cash for car experts is the weight of steel on the vehicle that you are looking to sell. This will vary, because the price of steel isn’t a constant. At any given time of year it will be different.

It then goes that if you are selling a large automobile, it will have more weight in steel that a small one. So the bigger the vehicle more money you stand to get when you sell to an auto removal company.

How old the car is?

Wheels become old and will eventually become obsolete. New Tech will be added to the new ones that will help this obsolescence come about. So people will not pay as much for the old ones. It is that simple. Along with that, parts in older vehicles may not be compatible with parts in newer ones.

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