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How to buy a used car?

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February 17, 2016

Are you buying a used car and have no experience with it? Well, you should follow some useful tips for buying a used car or consult with someone who really got the understanding in this field.

What to do when buying a used car? You might need to decide earlier whether you want to buy Japanese, European, American or classic vehicle etc. You might have to pay less cash for Japanese cars and more for European and American cars.


Make the car buying process easier by following few simple steps:

Set up your budget – How much you can spend?

Firstly, you need to figure out how much you can spend while buying a used vehicle. Make the minimum and maximum mark-up’s and start browsing between that price range. Make sure that you consider the ongoing costs as well like WOF, COF and yearly insurance charges.

Explore the different cars

Browse the different make, model and brands and see what option can suit to your needs. Never forget to compare the offered price with the current market price. If you see the difference, then you should have opted to start the bargain on the costs.

If you are happy to pay the lowest price for the second hand car then you might consider buying them from Used Car Guys. They might offer you the best price in the town. Still wondering, how to buy a used car cheaper?

Select the right car

Make the selection according to your budget, make, model and the condition of the vehicle. If you need a vehicle to drive within the town the you can go for the small cars, however, if you drive out of town often then you might need to go for the big trucks, 4×4’s, vans or Utes etc.

Get in touch with the seller

Don’t get afraid of asking any single question from the seller. This is your right to ask everything about their company, reason of selling the vehicle, and if the vehicle will meet the standards of RWC.

Must verify the vehicle history

This is probably the most important steps need to be taken care of. If you avoid this then you might have to pay the past dues that were done by the previous owners. Make sure that you buy the clear title of the vehicle. Get the engine’s chassis number and get the inspection details online.

Visit the owner’s registered address

During the verification, you might get the address of the owner. If you want to visit the vehicle – go to the confirmed address only. Do not get agreed on visiting any other address.

Selling car for top cash

Go for the test drive

Look around and drive the vehicle slower, faster or maybe push the brakes harder to see the consistency of the alignment of the vehicle. Drive through different road surfaces like smooth, gravel and rough etc. If you are not good enough, then take someone who can do this for you.

Get the inspection done

We can check everything externally, but we must need an expert to do the internal inspection. Rather than checking everything internally, visit the auto inspection shop and get the vehicle tested.

Negotiate for the selling price

As far as, you like the vehicle – consider the price bargain. Make the list of tears or wears and try to negotiate the final price with that. Give them an offer and see how much they can stretch.

Final paperwork and payment

If you are not dealing with auto dealers or Auto Wreckers then you might need to do the paperwork yourself. Always consider accepting the original papers, no photocopies. Make the final payment with receipt or written consent of getting the payment by the seller.