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How much Brisbane salvage yards pay for junk cars

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May 30, 2017

If you have been wondering about the value of your junk vehicle, then you may find yourself running around from one scrapyard to the other. Also, selling a car to a scrapyard would not always mean that you will get a lesser price for it. However, if you need a quick sale for your vehicle, then you can obviously go for scrapping it with Brisbane salvage yards.

The amount of cash you will get for your car indeed varies from salvage yards to another and it also depends on how good you are with negotiations. As junk yard dealers are usually people who have been dealing with scrap auto owners on a daily basis. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for doing the negotiations and keep your flag flying high, to get a fair deal for your old clunker.

Always pay top cash for car in Brisbane

It does not matter in what condition your car is, it would probably cost a lot of money for dismantling it. Sometimes they may pay you even higher than your expectations. However, it really depends on age and the condition of your automobile. Below we have mentioned some of the most common factors that salvage yards consider when buying an unwanted automobile.

Vehicle’s mileage matters

It is of course a very important aspect, because if your vehicle has travelled lesser miles it’s engine will have a longer life. Junk yards usually pay good cash for vehicles with lower mileage. While automobiles that are not taken care of properly or have lower mileage records, may get easily worn-out.

Therefore, ensure to look after your vehicle properly and keep it in a good condition. It is best that you change the oil of your automobile daily to preserve its engine.

The make, model and year of the car

Salvage yards in Brisbane also consider these three factors, particularly your vehicle’s manufacturing year. If you have a newer vehicle, it would mean that you already have a set of wheels with an upgraded engine. The manufacturers in automotive industry always strive hard to produce good quality automobiles specifically with producing an industrial automobile. They help customers to save a lot money by reducing the fuel consumption. So, if you have an automobile with a very old model, then it means you won’t have an upgraded engine, which will leave you with no choice except getting a lesser price for it.

The size and weight of the vehicle matters

If you have decided to sell your unwanted car to a salvage yard, they would probably consider its size and weight. Because they have it scrapped for parts and scrap steel and so the size and weight of your machine would obviously matter. The junk yards are usually recycling old clunkers to make the most money out of it. Generally, they end up using 98% of the unwanted automobiles and if you have got the bigger vehicle like a truck or SUV, then they can reap more benefits from it. Junk yards are only concern with the size and weight of your car.

Finally, the condition of your car

The condition of your vehicle will certainly have a great impact on the amount that junk yard dealers will offer you for it. You can obviously use your unwanted automobiles in numerous ways. If you have a vehicle in good condition, its outer shell can also get you a good price. The metal parts are also very valuable for junkyards and they can be used for a variety of purposes like they can be reused for working vehicles. However, just make sure to choose a reliable scrap yard that will fit your needs and demands.

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