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How does the Brisbane cash for cars determine the price of scrap vehicles?

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July 18, 2017

Have you been searching for an answer to a burning question that has been keeping you awake for many a sleepless night? Namely, “how can I make money from my junk car?” Well, to start with, you won’t make any money by simply selling to your run of the mill junk yard. They won’t pay you very much for it, mainly because they are only looking at the value of scrap metal.

Your best bet is to sell your old vehicle to a cash for cars company. There are plenty of them in each city and town, so you will have no trouble finding one. And the best thing is that they will pay you the more than you would otherwise get if you chose another method. How exactly do they determine the value of your scrap machine though? The following are the factors that go into the final estimate of how much your junk vehicle is worth.

The distance the car has travelled

The more Km’s a vehicle has driven, the more wear and tear the vehicle has taken on. This won’t just be in the engine either. It will be all the parts that have suffered from this. And, of course, the opposite is true as well. The less the vehicle has been on the road driving about, the less accumulated wear and tear it will have. When a cash for cars-company looks at your vehicle, they will take into account how many kilometers it has travelled.

The make, model, and year of manufacture

The year that your vehicle was manufactured in telling them a lot about how much your car is worth. How though? Well, let me tell you. A car that is newer will have parts on it that are using better technology and engineering that older vehicles. Parts that are newer will also be in better condition, because newer cars are generally in better condition than older ones. Newer engines have better fuel economy than older ones, making the demand for them higher.

Some makes and models are more popular than others. For instance, Japanese vehicles are well known for their reliability and affordability. This has an impact on how much the parts of it are worth.

The condition your car is in

Of course the condition your car is in will have a huge impact on how much your car is worth. Why? Simple. The parts on your car are worth a lot and if they are in the kind of condition where they can be cleaned up and resold, then your vehicle will be in the kind of condition where you stand to make some money. If your wheels are in such bad condition that hardly any of the parts are re-usable, your vehicle will be worth less.

Weight of your vehicle

If your vehicle has no parts that can be resold, it will at least have scrap metal on it. This will make the salvage yard some money, so it will go into how much your vehicle is worth.

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