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How is auto parts recycling so important for the environment?

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December 29, 2017

For many years humanity has been plundering the planet for its resources with no thought to what the consequences might be. This all came to a head within the last half a century, where-by we seem to have only just realised that these resources aren’t infinite.

Also, scientists have been becoming more and more alarmed at the effect that their use is having on our planet. This is why it is so important to recycle as much as we can. And one couldn’t ask for a better example of this then the common automobile. Cars have a lot of materials in them that are ripe for recycling. And when they are recycled, this has a lot of benefits for our planet.

Benefits to the Environment

One of those materials that you can find on automobiles that can be described as an amazing resource happens to be steel. There isn’t a better material for making vehicle frames. This is due to its strength and durability. When steel is recycled, that same amount of steel doesn’t need to be mined. This is an important point to make, due to the fact that recycling uses much less energy than mining does. That use of energy resources releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, driving climate change. Read more all about auto recycling statistics.

But the use of energy resources doesn’t only do that. It also creates pollution, which eventually makes its way into the waterways and streams, hurting plant-life and wildlife.

When a car is not recycled and is left to just rot and degrade over time, it also means that all the toxic substances in it leak out. This includes fluids, such as coolant, battery acid, engine oil, brake fluid and so forth. They are a major hazard to the well-being of plant-life and wildlife.

Second Hand Parts

Maybe your vehicle has entered its junk stage due to the failure of one expensive part, such as the transmission or engine. It will be far too costly to repair, and so the car is now useless. However, all the other parts are still valuable. The best thing that can happen is for those parts to be removed from the car in question. After that, they should be added to a second hand parts inventory for sale at a later date. This includes components such as door handles. Any kind of minor damage to the part will not matter, as it can be refurbished.

Selling used parts is a great way for everyone to make money. The person selling the junk car to the car wrecking company will get cash.

The car wreckers will get plenty of money as well. And all of this is on top of helping the environment. Saving the planet also happens to be a lucrative endeavour. Who would have thought it? If you have an old junk vehicle, don’t just leave it lying around on your lawn or driveway. Sell it to a reputed cash for cars service like Qld Wreckers, otherwise known as the local car wreckers!